TNT Training and Arena LLC

Hardy, Mika, and Rossi Tozer

(above pic: All grays full sisters, mother on right. Sire: home raised Blue Bear)

Our Story

I have heard the story so many times, it confuses me, and makes me genuinely upset every time!

What is it that I have heard??

“I sent my colt to a “trainer.” They kept it all summer, I kept bringing hay, but when I finally got my colt home I realized they hadn’t done anything with it.”

Unfortunately, I hear that all the time! Not one of my clients has/ nor ever will, say such a thing!

Legit colt starting is TNT Training!

We ride all kinds of horses with all kinds of problems. And you will see results with our program.

TNT Training offers

TNT Training offers: Training, Lessons, Sales, and Events


We start our colts in the round pen, progressing when the horse is ready, from round pen into the arena. We end the first month of training on the ranch getting hands on experience. From that point we continue on with a mixture of ranch and arena work. Getting a horse outside on the ranch teaches them how to enjoy a days work. A horse with good work ethic is what TNT Training wants!

That is what we are about here at TNT Training! Good work ethic and legit horse training!

  • No astronomical prices!!
  • No upfront payment
  • No ” reserve a spot” deposit

Worming and current Rhino/Flu shot are REQUIRED!

Horse shoer on site. Available as needed.

$800 month for foundation training. $1000 for all rope horse training $950 month for other performance training. PLUS YOU SUPPLY THE FEED!

Recommendations are available upon request.

We have plenty of satisfied customers that would be happy to speak to you!


We raise quality quarter horses! Everything we compete on is home raised and home trained! Refer to “gallery” for pictures and info on our breeding program and horses for sale.

All full or half siblings pictured above. Sire: Da Blue Bear


We love to see the youth grow and develop in the arena and mainly in life! Helping shape the future cowboys and cowgirls for tomorrow is what this place is all about! We offer roping, barrels, and basic riding lessons, as well as mentoring and intern possibilities.

Roping and Barrel lesson pricing- $100/ hour Basic riding lesson-$50/hour Call for more info on mentoring or intern openings!


We offer tune ups for sale prep and will haul your horse to jackpots when they ready to gain exposure and experience. Hauling and entry fees will be at owners expense.

We don’t have many horses for sale, but when we do, they are safe and ready to go on to their forever home!

Call for more info or refer to “SALE” page