Our Story

The story behind TNT Training and Arena is one born out of necessity—a response to the all-too-common tales of disappointment in the horse training realm. Time and again, we've heard the frustrations of horse owners whose expectations were not met by others. At TNT, such a scenario is unthinkable. We're here to change the narrative with our commitment to excellence and integrity in horse training.

At TNT, we offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to cater to all aspects of horse training and community building. From Legit Colt Starting, which lays a solid foundation of trust and respect, to advanced training that prepares horses for any challenge, we're here to support every step of their journey. Our lessons aim to nurture the next generation of riders, instilling values and skills that go beyond the arena. In addition, we take pride in our selective breeding program and sales prep services, ensuring each horse is not just ready for their new home but set to thrive. Beyond individual services, TNT is a vibrant community hub, hosting events and offering mentoring and intern opportunities, all dedicated to enriching the rodeo and equestrian lifestyle.

Our Promise

With TNT, you're guaranteed transparency, fairness, and genuine care for your horse. We pride ourselves on our satisfied customers and the success stories they share, a reflection of our unwavering dedication.

Join Us

Discover the difference at TNT Training and Arena. Whether you're seeking exceptional training for your horse, looking to develop your riding skills, or wanting to connect with a passionate equestrian community, we welcome you. Visit us in Cortez, Colorado, or reach out to embark on your journey with us.