Unique Ranch Experience

Welcome to the training page of TNT Training and Arena, where our expertise and passion for horses translate into a comprehensive training program tailored for colt starting through to finished performance horses. Specializing in roping, barrels, and cowhorses, our approach is designed to equip your horse with the skills and mindset for success in any arena.

Our Facilities

Our facilities are second to none, featuring a full-service training environment that includes a team roping arena, a calf roping lane, and the exciting new addition of our indoor riding barn. These amenities allow us to provide specialized training across various disciplines, ensuring your horse receives a well-rounded education.

Our Experience

With a combined 37 years of experience in starting horses, our track record speaks for itself. Boasting repeat customers from the inception of our public riding service, our dedication to quality and consistency has stood the test of time.

Training Process

Our training begins with colts starting in a bosal within the confines of the round pen, progressing to the arena when they’re ready. The first month concludes with invaluable ranch work, after which we balance ranch and arena training. For performance horses, opportunities for hauling and jackpot competition are available, always with the owner's permission.

What truly sets our program apart is the opportunity for horses to gain actual ranch work experience on our expansive 700-head cow/calf ranch. This hands-on approach not only enhances the training experience but also instills a solid work ethic and enjoyment in a day’s work—qualities that are paramount at TNT Training.

Specialties and Pricing

Foundation Training: $800 per month (You supply the feed)
Specialty Training (Roping, Barrels, Cowhorses): $1000 per month (You supply the feed)

We pride ourselves on being a sought-after training destination, typically booked several months in advance. To secure a spot for your horse, we encourage you to get on the books as soon as possible.

Why Choose TNT?

Choosing TNT Training and Arena means opting for a program where your horse’s well-being and development are our top priorities. Our unique blend of arena work and real ranch experience, coupled with our state-of-the-art facilities and decades of expertise, ensures your horse is not just trained but transformed.

Discover the TNT difference. Contact Us to schedule your horse’s training journey and join the ranks of satisfied clients and successful horses that define TNT Training and Arena.